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About us

Sanne Trekker & Sofie Demaret. Soulmates, Two peas in a pod. Laughter and tears. Allies, friends. One vision, two personalities:


Wears her heart on her sleeve. Workaholic. Always smiling. Even when it rains. Loyal to her hairdresser. A daredevil. Likes to sleep in white sheets. Preferably without an alarm clock. Loves shopping. Does arts and crafts with her daughters. Leaves them at home from time to time for the occasional city trip. Always on the lookout for the latest trends. And coffee places. Uses her file on her jewellery, not her nails. Not afraid of a challenge. Fixer. Talks a lot. And always has something to say.

"Your Lasso jewel is the icing on the cake."

Sanne has an incredible eye for shape and structure. She has been one of the leading ladies of Lasso since 2013, together with Sofie. Sanne is a qualified silversmith, jewelry designer and interior designer. Over an early cup of coffee, Sanne likes to refine the Lasso story. She is very passionate about the special collaborations Lasso enters into with its makers and customers.


Fashion lover. Go-getter. Good listener. Empathic, maybe a little too much. Loves to mix and match. Enjoys reading in the shade. Is not afraid of a little self-deprecation. Likes to create a lovely atmosphere. Crazy about designer shoes. Heels that are too high to walk in are still stunning to look at. Mum of two sons. Pilates. Collector. Finds happiness in the little things. Neurotically tidy. Lover of pure salads, preferably homemade. With a sprinkling of nuts. No nonsense. Thinker. Deep thinker. Caring thinker. Which is why she will find the perfect piece for you.

“Choose the piece of jewelry that strikes a chord. Go for it!"

At a single glance, Sofie will give you excellent jewelry advice. Since 2013, she has been one of the leading ladies of Lasso. Sofie is a certified goldsmith and has lots of experience as a jewelry designer and window dresser. Fueled by her deep love for the craft, she gently opens the window displays of Lasso and helps you find your way towards a piece that suits you perfectly.