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These ‘Terms and conditions’ apply to all offered products by Lasso Juwelen, in particular all offered jewelry, and to any agreement concerning distance selling between Lasso Juwelen and the buyer-consumer.


The website www.lassojuwelen.be is property of Lasso Juwelen, with office registered at 3000 LEUVEN, Parijsstraat 10. The vendor Lasso Juwelen is registered under VAT number BE0537768889 and can be contacted via contact@lassojuwelen.be.

Every order will be considered as an acceptance of the general terms and conditions by the buyer-consumer. These general terms and conditions are an integral part of the agreement as described below.


Product description:
LASSO-jewelry is hand crafted in our own workshop. It makes each item unique and small differences versus the product picture are therefore possible. LASSO-jewels are forged from non allergic noble metals: Sterling silver 954 - optionally gold plated with 18 karate gold or plated with black rhodium. Check the product details of each item.

Silver jewelry are preferably stored in a small bag, closed from air and light. Silver will slowly oxidize when exposed to air. Oxidized silver can easily be cleaned and polished with a silver soft cloth or with silver-cleaning paste.
Silver jewelry, plated with gold or rhodium, can over time lose the thin gold layer due to wear. This layer can always be replated if desired. You are always welcome in our store for this service. If in doubt please feel free to contact us.


The prices of the products and services are indicated in euros, VAT inclusive and exclude possible delivery costs, transportation expenses and/or any other taxes or other duties, unless mentioned otherwise or agreed upon in writing.

Payment can be made by one of the methods as indicated during the ordering process.

Orders are only paid effectively from the moment payment has been received by Lasso Juwelen. All products remain Lasso Juwelen’s property until full payment is received. The delivery of the ordered product will only take place if Lasso Juwelen has received full payment. In the event of default of payment within 7 days after ordering, Lasso Juwelen shall give notice to the buyer-consumer, whereafter the buyer-consumer has to pay within 7 days. If no payment has been executed within the aforementioned delay, Lasso Juwelen reserves the right to suspend (the execution of) the agreement or to resolve (the execution of) the agreement and also all related agreements without judicial authorization. Lasso Juwelen gives notice to the buyer-consumer of her decision to suspend or resolve (the execution of) the agreement and also all related agreements.

All offers are non-binding, can be adjusted or withdrawn and are valid as long as the stock isn’t exhausted. If an offer has a limited duration or is subject to certain conditions, Lasso Juwelen will mention this in our offer explicitly. The duration of the offer depends on the offered product and the stock of this product.

Lasso Juwelen reserves the right to alter the prices. However, the price applicable is the price at the date on which the order is placed.


An order is not binding for Lasso Juwelen until confirmed via e-mail by Lasso Juwelen or until the execution of the order has started. Lasso Juwelen reserves the right to refuse orders or to attach certain conditions to the execution, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

All product information, pricing and order information are at all times subject to possible alterations and corrections.


Lasso Juwelen tries to deliver all ordered products and, in particular, all ordered jewelry in accordance with the proposed and agreed delivery times. It is possible that Lasso Juwelen, due to certain circumstances, fails to deliver the ordered products on time. In that case, Lasso Juwelen gives notice to the buyer-consumer and the delivery will take place within a reasonable time.

The buyer-consumer is liable for incorrect delivery due to a wrong delivery address and additional costs may apply.

In the event of non-delivery, any amounts paid by the buyer-consumer are reimbursed without interests or any other compensation.

For deliveries we rely on a delivery service and in particular…

The delivery costs of our transport service vary and depend on the total amount of the order and the country of delivery.


In order to be admissible and under penalty of preclusion of rights, complaints need to be addressed immediately to Lasso Juwelen via contact@lassojuwelen.be.

- If the delivery is out of line with the buyer-consumer’s order, the complaint needs to be addressed to Lasso Juwelen within 7 days after the delivery.

- In the event of hidden defects, the complaint needs to be addressed to Lasso Juwelen within a period of 7 days following the discovery of the fault. In this written communication, the buyer-consumer needs to describe the damage and provide proof of damage via photo.


The warranty of Lasso Juwelen is restricted to the warranty for hidden defects and the Buyer-consumer Guarantees Act, both listed in the Belgian Civil Code.

Lasso Juwelen is liable for damage provided that it is a consequence of a severe error or evil intent.

Lasso Juwelen is not liable for general or specific indirect damage, of any kind, possibly inflicted by the buyer-consumer.


The buyer-consumer may exercise the right of renunciation within 14 days after delivery of the product or upon signing a services agreement without a penalty and without giving any reason.

The buyer-consumer must give notice to Lasso Juwelen of the decision to invoke his or her right of renunciation of the agreement.

For this purpose, the buyer-consumer has two options. Either the buyer-consumer can express an unequivocal statement via e-mail to contact@lassojuwelen.be which shows the decision to invoke his/her right of renunciation of the agreement, or he can make use of the renunciation form that you can find here. After downloading and completing the renunciation form, the buyer-consumer must upload the completed renunciation form, after which the form directly will be forwarded to Lasso Juwelen.

In case of renunciation of the agreement, Lasso Juwelen will reimburse within 14 days all payments received from the buyer-consumer, included, if necessary, the original delivery costs.

If the buyer-consumer invokes this right, the products need to be returned in their original state and packaging to Lasso Juwelen at 3000 LEUVEN (Belgium), Parijsstraat 10. The abovementioned returning of the products is at the buyer-consumer’s expense and at his own risk.
To ensure the safe delivery of the package, we advise using an insured carrier service.

Every return needs to be reported to contact@lassojuwelen.be first. Unannounced returns will not be accepted.

As mentioned before, the buyer-consumer is responsible for the return shipping cost.


Events outside Lasso Juwelen’s control, which are not reasonably foreseeable, shall be considered as Force Majeure. Force Majeure has the effect that Lasso Juwelen is released from her obligations to fulfill contractual agreements.

Lasso Juwelen cannot be held liable for possible delays in the execution or for non-execution of its obligations caused by any circumstance beyond Lasso Juwelen’s control. These circumstances include e.g. difficulties with the supply of or lack of raw materials, interruption or permanent suspension of production, strikes, lock-outs, any other form of business disturbances or trade disputes, power failure or non or late delivery by Lasso Juwelen and/or suppliers of Lasso Juwelen.

If Lasso Juwelen does not immediately act against a shortcoming of the buyer-consumer, this is not to be considered as a form of negligence, not in any circumstances, by Lasso Juwelen in order to invoke this shortcoming later.


By submitting an order on the website of Lasso Juwelen, the buyer-consumer officially consents to the processing of his or her personal data for administrative purposes, such as management of the customer files, orders, invoices and deliveries and the follow-up of financial solvency.

Personal data will only be used for promotions, personalized publicity and/or other marketing related purposes if the buyer-consumer explicitly agrees to this during the process of placing an order.

This can be altered by the buyer-consumer at all times.

Lasso Juwelen will not pass on personal data to third parties.

The buyer-consumer has the right have access to and adapt his or her personal data at all times.

The buyer-consumer has also the right to – free of charge – act against the processing of his or her personal data for Direct Marketing initiatives.

For more information about our privacy policy, we refer to our Privacy Statement.

If the buyer-consumer wishes more information about privacy regulations in general, he can contact the Commission for the Protection of Privacy in Brussels.


The parties involved agree that a valid contract is established by using electronic means of communication.


In the event that one or more provisions of the agreement is/are declared void, this shall in no way effect the validity of the other provisions.

Lasso Juwelen is entitled to amend the contents of these general terms and conditions. Amendments are announced via the website and the new terms and conditions can also be downloaded by the buyer-consumer. However, each agreement or purchase by way of distance selling is governed by the ‘Terms and conditions’ applicable at the time of the conclusion of the purchase or agreement.


All agreements made with Lasso Juwelen are subject to the Belgian law. All disputes between parties will be submitted exclusively to the authorized judge in Belgium.

As mentioned before, the buyer-consumer may exercise the right of renunciation within 14 days after delivery of the product or upon signing a services agreement without a penalty and without giving any reason.